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Pamela A. Mann

Wedding Officiant / Marriage Commissioner 

Interspiritual/Interfaith Minister, 

Serving Virginia and Washington, DC and the destination of your choice!

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


About Pamela

Pamela is a local resident of Fredericksburg, VA; she enjoys traveling to the venue and destination of your choice throughout Virginia, and Washington, DC. 

Need an officiant for a destination wedding? Contact Pamela she'd love to help make it happen for you!

Pamela was ordained at One Spirit Interfaith Learning Alliance and Seminary located in NYC, NY, Class of 2011. Her first year of study had an emphasis on the world's religions and their cultures and ceremonies. While in seminary, she attended services for each of the world's religions and still attends as many different services whenever possible. Pamela's ministry serves as an outreach of One Spirit in the state of Virginia. 

It is Pamela's desire to work with couples and individuals wherever they are in their current spiritual or faith tradition (s) / religious path, blending, weaving, and integrating their backgrounds to be honoring to where they are now.

Pamela has a firm, solid foundation for her religious and spiritual life, her background included regular attendance to services at the Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Unity Church denominations. She has also experienced ceremonies, celebrations, and services from other faith traditions. She is also comfortable in working with clients that are more spiritual than religious, agnostic, earth-based to humanistic.

Pamela is a firm believer that ceremonies are not just about the day of the event, they are the culmination of a couple's journey to reach this point in time. The wedding ceremony is a brief pause in the routine of one's daily life to publically celebrate a couple's inner work and processes leading to the transformation which occurs weeks to months prior, creating the space and time for the ceremony to take place.

I welcome and enjoy working with all couples and do not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, spiritual or religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. I fully support and encourage love equality.

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