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Please select from choices below of service(s) you desire from Heart Star Ceremonies:
Elopement - $100
Wedding - Under 100 Guests - $250
Wedding - Over 100 Guests - $350
Commitment - Under 100 Guests - $250
Commitment - Over 100 Guests - $350
Wedding or Commitment Rehearsal $50
Renewal of Vows - $200
Renewal of Vows with Rehearsal - $250
Wedding Labyrinth (canvas) Rental $100
Baby Naming/ Blessing Ceremony - $200
Adoption Ceremony - $250
House Blessing - $100
Memorial or Celebration of Life Service - $200
Sacred Space / Meditation Area - $150 & up
Temporary Labyrinth $250 & up
Name of Wedding/ Event Location, Address, Phone #
Venue Point of Contact Name & Phone #
Rev.  Pamela A. Bowles will provide the following services for weddings:

  •  Wedding ceremony consultation and assistance in planning the ceremony.
  •  Conduct the wedding rehearsal if desired.
  •  Offer marriage ceremony preparation resources to include phone calls and e-mails with the couple to discuss any issues pertinent to the commitment of marriage.

(Travel ($25-$50) and lodging expenses will be charged for non local weddings)

  • A deposit of 50% is due upon signing and receipt of this contract in order to reserve Wedding Date/Event on my calendar.

  • Contract balance is to be paid 2 (two) weeks prior to the event OR by cash or money order  prior to start of the event.

  • Marriage licenses will NOT be filed without full payment.

Methods of payment:  

  • Payments will joyfully and gratefully be accepted by cash, check, money order or cashier's check up to 2 (two) weeks prior to the event. 
  •  After two weeks: cash, money orders or cashier's checks will be accepted.  

Contracts and deposits may be mailed to

 Rev. Pamela Bowles
 Heart Star Ceremonies
 PO Box 8142
 Fredericksburg, VA 22404.   

By signing below, even if e-mailed back to Rev. Pamela Bowles of Heart Star Ceremonies, I agree to the above terms.

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