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Rev. Pamela Bowles, Interfaith Minister
Licensed Wedding Celebrant in Commonwealth of Virginia, Maryland, has applied for Washington, DC.
I am an Interfaith Minister who was ordained at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, NY in 2011.
Heart Star Ceremonies wishes to work with people where they are in their current spiritual or faith tradition or religious path, blending, weaving and integrating their backgrounds with where they are now.  
Rev. Pamela offers a heart based ministry working with participants, to illuminate, guide and clear obstacles as they journey through the steps leading to the special ceremony or event.  
Rev. Pamela believes that ceremonies are not just about the day of the event, they are the culmination and celebration of the process of the spiritual journey; the inner work and transformation that occurs weeks to months prior, which allows the ceremony to take place.
To learn more about Interfaith Ministry, please click on the link to download a flier What is Interfaith?